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Free 5 Day Challenge For Faith-Fueled Women

Starts Monday, Oct. 18, 2021

Become a 6-Figure Business Owner
& Get The Step-By-Step Support You Need...

Free 5 Day Challenge For Faith-Fueled Women

Starts Monday, Oct. 18, 2021

Become a 6-Figure Business Owner
& Get The Step-By-Step Support You Need...

A Free 5 Day Challenge For Faith-Fueled Women of God

Isn’t it time you broke that glass ceiling and finally turned your God-given skillset into an impact and income creating machine?

We want to help you...
  • Irresistibly position yourself and your offer for those who actually WANT to pay for your solution… 
  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR about the problem God has called you to solve, so you can finally get into aligned, faith-driven action… 
  • Clarify the 3 KEY differences between a 4-figure business and 6-figure business so you can finally break that glass ceiling and get more revenue coming in…
During this challenge you will create a “6-Figure Offer” so you can easily impact and work with the people God has called you to…

( know, the type of clients who love paying you a premium price and the ones who do the work? Yeah, those ones…) 

If you’re ready to easily find the exact people God is calling you to work with, then we’re excited to support you in this FREE Challenge.

Are You Ready To

Build Your 6-Figure Offer

In Just 5 Days?

Day 1: Discovering Your 6-Figure Problem

Business is all about solving problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the revenue. That's why on the first day, we're jumping right in and showing you the exact challenges people are willing to pay big to get solved, so you don't have to worry about "figuring it all out yourself..."

Day 2: Finding your 6-Figure Clients

After interviewing hundreds of other christian entrepreneurs, we discovered the single most common challenge you're facing is FINDING clients willing to make big commitments and investments. That's why on day 2, we're diving in and showing you exactly where to find them and how to get them to buy from you!

Day 3: Positioning Your 6-Figure Offer

Day 3 is all about turning your skillset into an irresistible offer. We'll help you answer the exact questions potential clients will ask you so you can easily communicate the value you bring to the table.

Day 4: Developing Your 6-Figure Mindset

We're hopping on zoom for an exclusive Success Mindset coaching session with Heather Dollar. She'll ask you powerful questions, and help you get to the root of the beliefs and mindsets that have been sabotaging your success. 

Day 5: Building Your 6-Figure Community

If you’re ready to get inspired, feel empowered, and hear from God through other Christian Women in business, you won’t want to miss this special expert panel we’ve put together for you... 

These are regular moms, wives, career women, stay at home women, home-schooling women, and all kinds of Women of Faith who are just like you and are ready to answer your questions about all things business!

Cassie here! I am dedicated to proving that you can build a successful business with God and family first. I am a specialist in Community-led sales and utilizing the power of the Holy Spirit to create a business that is bigger than you...
Heather here! Driven and determined to see your faith stretch and your hard work position you for an increase in sales I'm so excited to support you over these 5 days as you experience true success without all the hustle and sacrifice of things that matter the most.
And ShawnQ - your EmCee and host for the challenge! I'll be making sure your questions get answered and supporting you along the way!
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